"SISA PROTECTORS" is the new division of "SISA GROUP" which is one of the leading security agencies of India. "SISA PROTECTORS" is based on the electronic surveillance security system married with the trained commandos to salvage out the user from any emergency encountered by him.


The concept is based on electronic surveillance security system, which is in vogue in almost all developed countries, especially in USA known as "system 911". There the electronic surveillance Security system is married with the police force, to protect individual citizen from any emergency endangering his life or property.

In this system, alarm and motion sensors are connected with a Control Panel at the user's residence / business premises and this Control Panel is connected with Sisa Protector's Central Monitoring Station (cms), which remains operational all through 365 days, round the clock. You may call it an electronic police station.

In case of any emergency, the control panel at client 's premises sends sos signal to the central monitoring station (CMS). The staff at central monitoring station (CMS) decipher the signal instantly through the most advanced electronic warning system and alerts the nearest emergency response team (ERT) already deployed around that area, to reach client's premises within few minutes, to encounter the emergency as required. Simultaneously the (CMS) will also intimate police control room as well as clients two pre-designated contacts (friends/relatives) on their mobile

But in india police force is still organized and working on the old Authorization of manpower, where as population has grown up manifolds and crime rates have also shot up drastically. Hence it has almost become impossible for our police force to render 'Protection' to the common citizens individually.

"SISA PROTECTORS", came forward and found out an effective solution, to provide a fool proof system even to the common citizen, to protect his life and property at a very low cost. The system is explained in the succeeding paragraphs.