(Part-one "at User's End")

(Standard Equipment)

We cover Home, Banks, Shops, Showrooms and any other premises. To get instantly and, uninterrupted signal of an emergency situation, we install standard electronics surveillance kit at the user's premises. It consists of:

(a) Door sensor: To detect any forced & unwanted entries through the doors.

(b) Motion detector: To detect any prohibited / forced entry or trespassing of an unknown person, in the prohibitted / forbidden areas of user's place in his absence / sleep. Above warning is sent by the motion sensors to the control panel and same is activated to send SOS signal to CMS.

(c) Multipurpose Control Panel: This panel has an inbuilt siren, sensor and an auto voice dialer in which a 30 seconds prerecorded message is stored. Beside the message, 05 land line / Mobile numbers are also programmed in the control panel. Once the control panel gets activated, it transmits the above prerecorded message to all the programmed phones / mobile numbers simultaneously. Out of these 05 numbers, 02 numbers are dedicated to the trusted relatives or friends nominated by the client and 03 to our central monitoring station (CMS). This system facilitates to transmit the information of emergency, instantly to the 02 nominees of the client's.

(d) Remote control (Panic Switch): It is used to switch the multipurpose control panel on or off. It can be used when there is a direct assault on the occupant of the house.

Emergency Response Team (Part Two)

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) Consists of 01 Commandant, 01 Nursing Assistant, 01 Driver Cum Stretcher Bearer, 05 Commandos, And 01-Armoured Vehicle Duly Modified as Ambulance. ERT is fully competent to encounter any action by the criminals such as Housebreak-in, Decoity, and assault on housewife + Senior Citizen and to evacuate serious patients to the Pre-paneled Hospitals.Emergency Response Team's Vehicle is equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) and vehicle is continuously monitored and kept under live surveillance by our control room to direct it on to the troubled spot instantly. Even if the criminals with their superior strength and weapons attempt to escape, our ERT vehicle will continue chasing them thus their moments will be tracked through out by our CMS and Police will be kept live informed, till the criminals are intercepted and arrested by the Police Force.

Central Monitoring Station (Control Room) (Part-3)

Central Monitoring Station : The CMS is equipped with multiple telephone lines and is specially designed and a developed software with G.P.S. system. The emergency call coming fromclient's control panel is automatically picked up and processed by the software. In seconds, the data of emergency such as client's ID Number, Name, Address & Location & Nature of emergency, is known.On conformation that the alarm is not false, the duty officer instantly informs the ERT, Police Control Room, Fire Station & Hospital as warranted by the situation for their action. The efficiency of our CMS can be assessed from the fact that so far our ERTs have reached at clients premises within 2 to 5 minutes during the emergencies and Test alarms, conducted by our client.