• Physical Guarding Division
  • Cash Handling Division
  • Electronic Security Equipment
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Event Security
  • E-Commerce Logistics

Physical Guarding Division

This Division is the strongest arm of the group. The Guarding Division is providing security cover to Industries, Hospitals, Shopping, Malls, IT Industry, etc with trained and motivated force to live up to its mottos i.e. "EVER ALERT" & "BORN TO PROTECT".


Cash handling Division

Cash Handling

Business dealing with cash and valuables are always at great risk. It is important that handling of cash and valuables outside the premises is secured, auditable and handled by the professionals and expert. The CASH HANDLING DIVISION of SISA GROUP caters to all your requirements in the following manner.

Cash Collection and Delivery :-

The secured & timely movement of money in and out of Banking and Commercial systems. As our core business, it is a specialized activity, where we excel. A large part of our business is about to move cash & valuables safely, securely and efficiently from one location to another. We carry out above activities with the help of the following systems.

Tracking :- Global Positioning System (GPS) installed in our Cash Van, will track down its movement of every second on your mapped computer. Through this system fuel line can also be cut ,to immobilize the Cash Van, in case it is hijacked, with merely a click of your computer mouse.

Surveillance :- The cash compartment of our Van will be fitted with an IP Camera with DVR Card, to enable you to monitor all activities in the cash compartment on your laptop / Computer, where ever you may be GLOBALLY.

Physical Guarding (PGD) :- Since the inception of this universe, it has been accepted by all philosophies that MAN is the best substitute of any thing. Our strong Tracking and Surveillance System will be augmented by our well trained and motivated Ex-Servicemen Armed / Unarmed Security Guards provided by our "SISA Group Guarding Division which is an ISO 9001 : 2008 "Guarding Division" having over 6000 Strong Task Force on its pay roll.

Automated Banking Services

SISA Group (CHD) also provide a range of ATM Support Services, which provides sophisticated products to support financial institutions, as they plan to install ATMS away from their traditional banking location; i.e. Shopping Malls, Super Markets, Railways, Airports, Tourist Resorts etc. We undertake the following assignments :-
(i) Machine Installation & Maintenance.
(ii) Cash Replacements.
(iii) Cash Cycle Management & Load Forecasting.
(iv) Defect Prevention and update existing programmes.
(v) Depositary Collection, Processing & Banking
(vi) Intelligent Lock Installation & Management.
(vii) Alarm Response Services.

Operation Pickup Points

We excel in the Operation Pickup Points - in that we collect cash / valuables from Non-banking institutions such as Diamond Dealers, Cinema Houses, State / Central Government Cash Collection Centers, Jewelers, Shopping Malls etc and to deposit the same in their respective Bank accounts, through our well guarded and well equipped Cash Vans, on very economical and competitive rates.

Inter City Carriage 

We have special procedure with beefed up double armed protection, inside the Cash Van as well as outside, to follow the cash van in seprate vehicle, to carry cash, valuables and Rods of Precious Metals from one city to other anywhere in India.

Armouring Specifications

- Bullet proof glasses, according to level of protection ordered
- Vehicle body armour of high steel.
- Exposed or hidden gunports 
- Solid, hinged door or sliding door partitions
- Roof vents

Emergency Response Service ( On lines of American 911 )


Event Security : This Division undertakes the Total Security of your event assuring you strict access control, safety of celebrities and smooth running of the Event.

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E-Commerce Logistics

This Vertical handles the last Mile and the First Mile operations for the E - Commerce Companies. SISA owned Vehicles with Field executives is provided to E - Commerce Company to handle their First and Last Mile operations on Pan India Basis. The Major clientele is Flipkart, Amazon, Big Basket, Grofers, DTDC, First Flight.